About us


We are a Western Rite Orthodox Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, under the Omophorion of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion. His Eminence is the Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russain Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

We are building and intentional Orthodox Christian community in the midst of Waterville, Maine. We are evangelical in outreach, Orthodox in belief and practice and missional in our purpose to bring many to the fullness of the ancient, undivided Orthodox Christian Faith.

Being "Western Rite" simply means that we celebrate the liturgical observances of the ancient Orthodox Christian West as it existed prior to the Great Schism of AD 1054.  We celebrate the restored Liturgy of St. Gregory the Great (Dialogos). This liturgy was widely used and appeared in many forms of local use throughout the Christian West (*ie- Sarum, Gallician, Mozarabic, and Ambrosian).  Many Roman Catholics and High-Church Anglicans will recognize certain elements of the liturgy because many of these elements were inadvertantly passed down in various forms to the liturgies of the post-schism West; albeit, in only passing and incomplete forms.

We invite you to come and experience for yourself the beauty of the ancient Orthodox Christian West and be a part of the fullness of the Christian Faith that has been handed down from AD 33 to this very day.